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Oswego, IL
A year ago our house burned down. We were devastated that we lost everything. It was exciting to rebuild our home and purchase everything brand NEW with the help of the insurance company. A family friend recommended Mid America. They were our one stop shop to rebuild our dream home!
Feras and Sammy were so helpful with every detail. They helped us match our budget with the manufacturers we could afford. We would have been lost without them. Since they were so honest we refurnished our entire home with them. When they delivered we were also impressed! The guys paid excellent attention to detail. We did have some damages from the manufacturer, but we did not mind because of how professionally it was handled. They had a replacement to us in a timely manner. We will definitely be returning and hope that our friends and family know that MID AMERICA FURNITURE is your one stop shop for all your design needs! THANK YOU!!!
Chicago, IL
Sammy was so helpful! This place was recommended to me by a family friend. I thought that buying online would be cheaper, but Sammy's prices were extremely reasonable! There's also something nice about being able to feel the furniture in person. We bought a sofa sectional, coffee table, bed frame, matching chest, and mattress, and Sammy was extremely helpful in helping us choose everything at a price that was within our budget. She never pressured me to get anything more expensive than I could afford on a student budget. I'm waiting for everything to be delivered on Tuesday and will update once the items are delivered.
Chicago, IL
I've been meaning to write this review for a very long time. This place is really awesome if you're looking for both quality and stylish/unique furniture. I typically go for the cheap stuff, but here I was able to find something of higher quality and a reasonable price - real value. The staff are also nice, attentive and straightforward; you don't feel like they're trying to oversell you or get you to buy something you don't really want. They listen and put no pressure on you.
Great place!
Chicago, IL
I don't even know where to start....
My family has been going here for years! Since before I even knew the value of a dollar or how much things actually cost! I remember going into the store as a child with my parents and brother and lounging on the display couches, pretending to sleep in the display beds and having pretend dinner at the display dinning rooms. Six years ago, I actually got to experience for myself for the first time just why my family keeps going here! I moved into an apartment with my then boyfriend and we needed furniture so I went to Mid America Furniture. And I was not disappointed! I got a wonderful couch and chair (under budget too) and in the exact colors I was looking for. I just moved again (for the 4th since getting the furniture) and the couch that I got then is in PERFECT condition and is going in our guest bedroom.
This past Sunday, I got to pass on the Mid America is AWESOME 'torch' to my boyfriend.Prior to going to Mid America, we had been to 7 different stores (all a while I kept telling my boyfriend, just wait till we get to Mid America). The first store we stopped at was VERY nice (European style) and we immediately found the perfect sectional for us, but not the price for us. Every other store we went to after that, we kept comparing to the very first one we saw. So this past Sunday, we finally made our way to Mid America. As we pull up, I did have to give my boyfriend the' it is small and cramped in there, but you shop through magazines' speech. We walked in and towards the back and were stopped in our tracks...THERE IT WAS the EXACT sectional we had fallen in love with at the first store for FIVE HUNDRED dollars less!!! We couldn't stop smiling. We ordered the sectional, ottoman and leather chair within 20 minutes.
But wait, there is more!!! Our new house is in WI.....Mid America didn't even bat an eyelash when we told them that! Quoted us a delivery price and our new furniture is being delivered tonight!
We couldn't be more happy with our experience and will recommend Mid America Furniture to ALL our family and friends!
Chicago, IL
I just used Mid America Furniture to purchase a new couch on a tight budget. We picked one out of the catalog only to find out the next day the manufacturer was out of stock. I was pretty disappointed because it was such a good deal, but the gentleman who sold it to us called me right back and told me he'd sell me a more expensive couch and match the price. I liked the replacement couch better and I got an INCREDIBLE deal on it. They're also delivering the couch same day to my 3rd floor apartment for only $40.00. I could not be more please with the service I received, the quality of the sofa I purchased, and the LITERALLY UNBEATABLE PRICE I paid for it.I will definitely be going back for my next furniture purchase and recommending them to all of my friends!
New York, NY
I have dealt with Mid-America furniture on 3 occasions. My friend bought his couch there 3 years ago and was thrilled with service, choices and prices, so I went and bought a leather couch. Dealing with the salespeople was easy and the couch came quickly, was delivered and put together by professionals. 3 years later it's still in beautiful condition. Last month I took my mom there to shop for a living room couch and an arm chair set; one of the owners, Sammy, assisted us. She offered very reasonable discounts right upfront, there were no games and the choices were great. We purchased out of catalog on a Sunday, and 4 days later my mom was enjoying her new beautiful European furniture. Just for comparison I shopped around at chain furniture stores -- and the prices/selection there just paled by comparison. I'll definitely be back and have referred many friends to Mid-America Furniture.

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